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28 June 2015


*In the tradition of women warriors from Harriett Tubman/Ida B Wells - Ella Baker/ Fannie Lou Hamer/Angela Davis/Michelle Alexander,

Image Credit: Niall_JayDub
According to Ms. Newsom: "This flag comes down today."
“We removed the flag today because we can’t wait any longer. We can’t continue like this another day. It’s time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality.”

Collateral: James Tyson, an activist assisted.

* There are so many historical and current female warriors in all segments {the arts, academia, politics, criminal justice, mental health & child/senior welfare} of our society and they are certainly a part of the

21 June 2015


Nine Souls Taken From Us 


 Ethel Lance, 70
Tywanza Sanders, 26
Cynthia Hurd, 54
DePayne Doctor,  49
State Sen./Rev. Clementa Pinckney
Susie Jackson, 87
Myra Thompson, 59
Rev. Daniel Simmons
Sharonda Singleton, 45

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Florist Worker, Debbie Dills Aids in the Capture of Mass Murderer 

*Addendum:  I've been struggling with this thought since the massacre and wondered if I should even broached the subject and I'm sure I will be relegated to the back of the church, in a corner  for expressing this concern. I must though, please indulge me on this one.

I start with a question?  Does the literal interpretation of some biblical concepts prevent believers from employing self-defense mechanisms when encountering those in the process of destroying them? During the many recounts of the events inside the church that evening; there was one that never changed.  A believer, a young man {26} pleaded with Dylann Roof to stop shooting the  others and particularly his aunt. It was also mentioned that the murderer reloaded 5 times given that his victims died from multiple gunshots. During those moments when the gunman was reloading; instead of pleading for their lives; why wasn't there an effort to rush him and take the gun.?  Some effort, at least, to fight to keep the life or lives of others bestowed by God. The time sequel of the shots fired and the pauses to reload may provide an answer. I don't know but the thought persists.

My grief is real and yes I'm angry.  I'm not a family member so I can't dictate how they should feel about this horrific massacre.  However, as a black citizen and part of a group of people who may encounter this fate whether in church or walking down the street or even in the privacy of my home; there is grave concern.  Forgiveness without repentance is another topic which I find puzzling, yet , sat totally amazed as I heard family members during the preliminary hearing of Dylann Roof utter this concept through tears and heartache. 

23 May 2015

Black Self/Group-Hatred and the Myriad Ways It's Manifested

 I must say that this topic has followed me like a deadly cold/flu virus over the decades.  When the immune system is weakened, you wake up with that nagging cough, nasal drainage/stuffiness with aches and pains based on the severity of the symptoms. It's part of living on this planet, yet when it runs its course...there is relief. The specter of this virus lurks in the background, though you know there will eventually be another bout. Of course you'll  do all you can to prevent or delay it but many times it prevails.

 As one with Pan-African leanings since the late 60's, it seems appropriate to compare black self-hatred to a physical and spiritual malady. It's exhausting, painful, recurrent, and depending on the severity it can lead to death.  A death of the spirit and body.  Suicidal and homicidal behaviors come to mind as well as the many dysfunctional mannerisms that lend to the objectification of a group of people and rationales for oppressing them.  Ferguson, Cleveland, South Carolina and numerous unnecessary deaths of unarmed black women and men by the police and the sanctioning of it by some blacks in powerful positions comes to mind. In the case of Baltimore, the State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby is the exception and a sheroe.  Mud-slinging and falsified deterrents are in her future as she remains resolute in getting justice for the death of Freddie Gray by police officers.

15 May 2015



September 16, 1925 ~ May 14, 2015

B.B. King had a long illustrious career with his guitar 'Lucille' by his side. The fans around the world were mesmerized by his talent as a guitarist, writer and singer. He was 89 years old when he departed subsequent to an extended illness.  "The Thrill Is Gone" was his signature piece, however, he performed many ballads and "groove pieces" that left his audiences exhilarated over the years with a musical legacy par excellence.

Beale Street Funeral Procession
Many fans accompanied the hearse carrying the body of B.B. King in a very public display of grief.  When we lose those we love and respect, rites of passage are healing.

*More on Mr. King

02 May 2015

The National Emergence Of Baltimorean Dayvon Love

There have been many in the established civil rights and civic organizations who've declared the 'Black Lives Matter' and other youth driven organizations lack leadership.  I disagree for we have folks like Cherrell Brown, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mychal Denzel Smith...among others who challenge that mindset. There is also  Dayvon Love, whom I'm featuring today for this young brother, succinctly stated on the MHP program {5/2/2015} a very important message about the sophistication of white supremacy.

Interviewed on MHP Video
 He said, “I think people reduce racism to individual white folks in leadership, black people who are succumbed to white folks, and I think Baltimore just shows the sophistication of white supremacy, and how it operates, how it takes black figures, puts them in institutional positions, to give the veneer of justice, when really the same institutional arrangement exists.”

19 April 2015

The Truth Surrounding Assata Shakur & Her Fight for Vindication

'Statement of Facts in the New Jersey Trial of Assata Shakur' 

     By her  appeal attorney {2005} & written by Evelyn A. Williams 

*There is also an account of the incident in "Assata's own words"

Assata Shakur: Taken 12/18/14
Read an article the other day in which the fate of Assata Shakur was again in a fragile state subsequent to President Obama's indication that he intends to remove Cuba from the list of nations that sponsor terrorists. I really thought this had been settled when Cuban authorities initially indicated that they would not be releasing those who've sought political asylum in their country when the Obama administration began establishing ties with the Cuban government.

11 April 2015 Apr 09, 2015 - Issue 601 - Extra: What Walter Scott's Death Reminds Us - Includes Video By David A. Love, JD, BC Executive Editor -


The murder of Walter Scott by rogue cop, Michael Slager was addressed on my side bar under the "Black Lives Matter" site page. As I thought more about the aftermath of events and viewed a number of articles in the blogosphere about this senseless tragedy; I decided to share this article written by David Love, JD, Executive Editor of The Black Commentator.  It is worth the read and this is one of the few websites that I support  where the truth is pure regardless of the facts and video footage for you see we've viewed video images of police misconduct before and the latter were exonerated. The 'Let's Be Clear'  blog article on these events also brings a perspective that
is illuminating, straight chaser and also worth the read.

'Our Family' Page of Funeral Program